Submit a Field Day to the College Calendar

Submit information about field days/crop tours/public events, let's showcasing our research!


Follow these steps to add your field days/crop tours/public events to the CAS list.

  1. Click on the [Submit a Field Day] button below.
  2. Login with your ONID
  3. You will now see a form to enter your event information. Add as many details as you can. 
  4. The Organization needs to include “College of Agricultural Sciences” and the Tags line should include “Field Day”.
  5. Click the [Add Event] button at the bottom of the page

Once submitted, your event will populate on the OSU events website AND also on the CAS website.


Submit a Field Day


If the field days/crop tours/public events is part of Extension and you would like to submit it through their calendar system follow these steps.

  1. Follow the steps on the Extension Employee Intranet.
  2. In step 2 of the INSTRUCTIONS, select the Field Days option.


For questions or concerns, please contact

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