Robin Rosetta retired in 2019.  This site is being made available as an archive of her work, but is NOT currently being updated with new information.

The PNW Nursery IPM Website is designed to be dynamic, allowing growers and pest management professionals to give and receive information regarding pest activities in nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. Whenever possible, we will provide links and further information for growers on particular pests. The email Alert system is off-line. We are not taking new subscriptions to the service.


As the creator and main content supplier to this website, I have appreciated all of the email sent to me over the years. As of the end of November 2019, I will be retired and no longer adding to this website or receiving emails. Below are some resources that might help you resolve some of your questions.

In Oregon
If you have a question about something in the home landscape in Oregon, check with your local county Extension office to see if they have a consumer horticulturist who might answer your questions. Click the link to find County Extension offices in Oregon.

From other US states
If outside of the state of Oregon but in the US, again, check with your county Extension office for help with your question. Click the link to find your nearest Extension county offices by state.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments, questions, and pictures over the years.

Robin Rosetta
Department of Horticulture/NWREC
Oregon State University


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