Broad mites

There are several good websites with useful information on broad mites.

NC State University's Department of Entomology Insect Note: Cyclamen mite and broad mite This site has one of the most comprehensive fact sheets on broad mites, their biology and management and some very nice images.

University of Florida IFAS Extension: Broad Mite, Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks) (Arachnida: Acarina: Tarsonemidae. Another useful site with good damage images and information from UF is the Featured Creatures:Broad Mite. Great images and info in yet another UF Extension fact sheet: Broad Mite.

Michigan State University Diagnostic Facts: Broad Mites: The Microscopic Menace. Very nice images of the mites and damage.

Midwest Biological Control News: Broad Mite Control on Greenhouse Peppers with Predatory Mite. Information on biological control of broad mites.

University of Connecticut: Managing Cyclamen mites and broad mites in the Greenhouse.

University of Minnesota Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability: Broad mites

The Systematic Entomology Laboratory and the Electron Microscopy Unit, USDA/ARS: "Broad Mites" Tarsonemidae. Cool images. A very nice photo of the male mite carrying the female!

Texas A&M University: Greenhouse mites and their management. This site covers several types of mites. It has some useful approaches to chemical management although some pesticide recommendations may have changed since it was posted.

UC Pest Management Guidelines: Floriculture and Ornamental Nurseries - Thread-footed (Tarsonemid) Mites. Great information on biology and management and a nice image of the mites by Jack Kelly Clark.


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