Miticides Available for Use in Commercial Nurseries

This listing does not imply endorsement by the author or Oregon State University Extension. Materials are not listed in order of preference or efficacy. Always read and follow the pesticide label.

Product Chemical Label REI Comments
Akari fenpyroximate Warning 12 h 3 L
Avid abamectin Warning dry 1, 4 L
Cinnamite cinnamaldehyde Caution 4 h 3 L
Floramite bifenazate Caution 4 h 3, 7 L
Hexygon hexythiazox Caution 12 h 2 L
Ornamite propargite Danger 7 days 1 L
Ovation clofentazine Warning 12 h 2
Pylon chlorfenapyr Caution 12 h 1 L
Sanmite pyridaben Warning 12 h 1 L
Talstar bifenthrin Caution 12 h 1 L
TetraSan etoxazole Caution 12 h 2, 4 L
Kelthane dicofol Danger 12 h 1 L
Vendex hexakis Danger 48 h 3, 5
various insecticidal soap Warning 12 h 3, 5
various horticultural oil Caution 4 h 3, 5

1 Works on immature and adult mites.

2 Works on eggs and immature mites only.

3 All stages of mites affected.

4 Translaminar systemic activity

5 Homeowner products only (for example, Ortho Orthenex Garden Insect & Disease Control Conc.).

6 Formulations are available that do not require a pesticide applicator's license.

7 Re-entry may change to 12 hours after current stock is used up.

L website label available