Vertebrate Damage Management Resource Guide

Animal damage management is a specialty within the wildlife profession that is practiced by a number of national agencies, local agencies, licensed pest control operators, and specialty firms that manage nuisance wildlife.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a division called Wildlife Services or “WS”.  Wildlife Services has nationwide responsibilities for managing wildlife damage problems.  Wildlife Services has agents in all states, and within each state, many counties share the cost of salary and expenses of an animal damage control agent, often known as “the county trapper”.  Wildlife Services also has a major research program investigating the feasibility of various lethal and non-lethal control methods.  Many urban areas also have animal control officers who deal with wildlife, as well as stray dogs.  Many federal agencies, such as the Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, National Park Service, and Federal Aviation Administration, have specialists who deal with animal damage problems.  The Cooperative Extension Service in each state provides advice on controlling animal damage problems.  The state fish and wildlife agencies also invest substantial time and personnel to damage complaints

Dan Edge, Wildlife Specialist, OSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage, 1994

Prevention and Control of Wildlife DamageUniversity of Nebraska, Cooperative Extension

Edited by Scott E. Hygnstrom, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension; Robert M. Timm, University of California; and Gary E. Larson, USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services.
2 Volumes


The Handbook (2-Vol. Book-$40; CD-ROM-$40; both for $60) can be ordered by writing Wildlife Damage Handbook, 202 Natural Resources Hall, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 68583-0819, or by calling (402) 472-2188.  Catalog of Publications, University of Nebraska, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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“Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage" is recognized as the premier reference book in the field of wildlife damage management.  The latest edition of the "Handbook," published in 1994, is available as a two-volume, 850-page book or as a CD-ROM.  It contains 77 chapters on all wildlife species that regularly cause wildlife damage and nuisance problems in North America.  Each species chapter includes an identifying illustration, quick- reference management outline, and sections on identification, general biology, damage identification, legal status, economics, prevention and control methods, and references.  In addition, the Handbook includes chapters on identification and assessment, obtaining assistance, wildlife diseases, vertebrate pesticides, sample pesticide labels, and a directory of supplies and materials.  The Handbook emphasizes an integrated pest management (IPM) approach through the use of cost-effective non-lethal methods and safe, selective use of lethal control methods when justified.

USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services

National USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services

Wildlife Services (WS) provides Federal leadership in managing problems caused by wildlife.   WS helps manage wildlife to reduce damage to agriculture and natural resources; to minimize potential threats to human health and safety; provides protection of property; and helps protect threatened and endangered species.

Below are listed the state and district offices and the cooperating counties that have Wildlife Specialists who can assist with animal damage problems.


State Office

6135 NE 80TH Avenue, Suite A8
Portland, OR 97218
(503) 326-2346
FAX (503) 326-2367
Dave Williams, State Director


Northwest District

3413 Del Webb Avenue
Salem, OR 97303
(503) 399-5814
FAX (503) 399-5613
Jeff Brent, District Supervisor
Cooperating counties: Benton, Clackamas, Columbia, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, Polk, Washington and Yamhill


Roseburg District

3503 Old Highway 99 South
Roseburg, OR 97470
(541) 679-1231
FAX (541) 679-1233
Stan Thomas, District Supervisor
Cooperating counties: Coos, Curry, Douglas, Klamath, Lake and Lane

John Day District

431 Patterson Bridge Road
John Day, OR 97845
(541) 575-1252    
FAX (541) 575-1250
Jeff Jones, District Supervisor
Cooperating counties: Crook, Gilliam, Harney, Jefferson, Malheur, Morrow, Umatilla, Wallowa and Wasco


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The USFWS's major responsibilities involve migratory birds, endangered species, certain marine mammals, and freshwater and anadromous fish.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's mission is, working with others, to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Region Office, Portland (503) 231-6828

National Wildlife Research Center

The NWRC provides scientific information on wildlife, wildlife habitats, and the relation- ships of wildlife species with agriculture and public safety.


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
ODFW Wildlife Information Center

Predator policies, trapping, Oregon Wildlife Administrative Rules, access and habitat, animal damage program, and much more.

ODFW Links to State Fish and Wildlife Agencies in other States

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – North Willamette Valley

Portland Headquarters                                             Northwest Region
2501 SW 1st Ave                                                       17330 SE Evelyn
Portland, OR 97207                                                  Clackamas, OR 97015
General Information: (503) 872-5268                     (503) 657-2000

Kathy Shinn - Regional Outreach Coordinator (503) 657 2000 ext. 285


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – South Willamette Valley

Corvallis                                             Salem                                                 Springfield
(541) 757-4186                                   (503) 378-6925                                   (541) 726-3515
7118 N.E. Vandenberg Ave.           4412 Silverton Rd. NE                      3150 Main St.


County Animal Control Offices

See your telephone directory under county listings-- “animal control”

The county animal control offices can also refer you to local wildlife transport and relocation services.

The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management -

An exceptional source for a wide range of current information sponsored by several universities and the USDA.  This site includes the complete Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage Handbook on-line in PDF format.  Also available on-line are complete proceedings of wildlife-related workshops and symposia; an extensive list of wildlife publications from 40 universities; searchable database; a list of services and products from their growing vendor list; upcoming meetings.


Texas A&M University—Wild Things / Wildlife Damage

This site also includes the complete Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage Handbook on-line in PDF format.  It also provides a searchable database.


Oregon State University-- Crop and Soil Science Departments

Vertebrate Pest information covering: pocket gophers, ground squirrels, meadow mice, deer and antelope. 


Oregon State University-- Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Science


University of California, Davis-- Integrated Pest Management  -

Complete information on rabbits, mice, squirrels, cliff swallows, and pocket gophers.  Search “Wildlife Damage.”


University of California, Davis-- Wildlife Damage Management -





Pocket Gophers

House Mice 

Controlling House Mice

Bait Stations for Controlling Mice and Rats





Rats (Norway and Roof)



Voles / Meadow Mice / Field Mice



Black Bear










When Geese Become A Problem

Non-Lethal Controls for “Resident” Canada Geese

Pigeons (Rock Doves)                 





M & M Fur Company.  Extremely comprehensive supplier of everything that a trapper needs—live-traps, kill-traps, leg-hold traps, instructional materials, lures, etc.

P. O. Box 15                                                  PHONE:         (605) 729-2535
Bridgewater, SD 57319-0015                     FAX:               (605) 729-2536


Chagnon’s Trapping Supplies.  Comprehensive supplier of trapping supplies.

Trapping Supply Division                             PHONE:         (800_795-5157
218 Oak Street                                              FAX:               (800) 795-5209
Manistique, MI 49854


Heart of the Earth Marketing.  Excellent site for Tru-catch Animal Traps (live traps).  Traps of all sizes from mice to wild boars.  Offers an internal site-Link to suggested natural animal baits.

Belle Fourche, SD                                        PHONE:         (800)-526-1644


Tomahawk Live Traps.  The Original Live Trap.  An extremely well designed line of live-traps.  This site offers live-traps of all sizes, from mouse to beaver to large dog.  They supply most other tools for animal damage control in urban areas. 

FAX: (715) 453-4326                                   PHONE:         (800) 272-8727


Animal Control Products.  A comprehensive source for live-traps, lethal traps, training materials, attractants, repellents, and much more for nuisance wildlife management. 

Animal Control Products                              PHONE:         (800) 729-8056
P.O. Box 398                                                 FAX:               (715) 778-5633
Spring Valley, WI 54767 USA


Pacific Harvest Grain & Supply. 

P. O. Box 309                                                PHONE:         (503) 359-4289
Cornelius, OR 97113                                    CONTACT:    Jeff Duyck


RCO Pest Control Products.  RCO manufactures baits and bait dispensers for rodent and mole management.  RCO also has an on-line Rodent Control Guide.

P. O. Box 191                                                PHONE:         (541) 995-7799
Harrisburg, OR 97446


Western Wildlife Control.  Western Wildlife Control distributes a wide variety of pyrotechnic devices for Animal Damage Control.

P. O. Box 932                                                PHONE:         (503) 656-1999
Canby, OR 97013                                         PHONE:         (800) 628-6529
CONTACT:    Norm Rose                            FAX:               (503) 656-6628


Steve Morgan, District Agent, OSU Cooperative Extension, Washington County, 18640 Walker Road, Beaverton, OR

Jay Paxson, former Research Assistant (Horticulture), OSU-North Willamette Research and Extension Center, 15210 NE Miley Road, Aurora, OR

Dan Edge, Professor, Fisheries and Wildlife, OSU, Corvallis, OR



Mike Borman, Rangeland Resources, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Jeff Brent, Wildlife Services, USDA-APHIS, Portland, OR

Doug Cottam, District Wildlife Biologist, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Newport, OR

Jay Paxson, UAP, Gresham, OR

Howard “Red” Rowley, State Statistician, Oregon Agricultural Statistics Service, Portland, OR

Mike Slater, Wildlife Services, USDA-APHIS, Portland, OR



Howard “Red” Rowley, State Statistician, Oregon Agricultural Statistics Service, Portland, OR

Pete Test, Oregon Farm Bureau, Salem, OR

Dave Williams, Wildlife Services, USDA-APHIS, Portland, OR

Mike Borman, Rangeland Resources, OSU, Corvallis, OR

Chip Bubl, OSU Cooperative Extension, Columbia County, St. Helens, OR

Dan Edge, Professor, Fisheries and Wildlife, OSU, Corvallis, OR

Marcos Kogan, Director, IPPC, OSU, Corvallis, OR

Dan McGrath, OSU Cooperative Extension, Marion County, Salem, OR

Steve Morgan, OSU Cooperative Extension, Washington County, Beaverton, OR

Jeff Olsen, OSU Cooperative Extension, Yamhill County, McMinnville, OR

Linda Parks, IPPC, OSU, Corvallis, OR

Robin Rosetta, OSU Cooperative Extension, OSU-NWREC, Aurora, OR

Myron Shenk, IPPC, OSU, Corvallis, OR

Oregon Farm Bureau

Wildlife Services

integrated plant protection center