This page is devoted to information for identifying and managing insect pests. Current insect links are listed below.

A general resource for insect management information is the Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook

Ken Gray was an entomologist at Pacific Supply Cooperative in Portland. During his years there he compiled a large collection of photographs of insects and related arthropods which have been donated to Oregon State University. Ken Gray Image Collection at OSU. Digitized versions of his slides are available at the Oregon Digital website under the Ken Gray Insect Image Collection.

What's in a name?
Common Names of Insects & Related Organisms: Search the ESA Common Names Database

Bee Aware: Use caution with systemic and contact insecticides to avoid potential insecticide residual during flowering. For more information on bee safety, check out the Pacific Northwest Extension Publication - PNW 591, How to Reduce Bee Poisoning from Pesticides (free downloadable pdf).

The Proceedings of the North American Root Weevil Workshop are available on-line. In 2001, a meeting was held to investigate various aspects of root weevil knowledge and research. The participants discussed topics that included root weevil biology, detection, monitoring, as well as the population dynamics and integrated pest management of root weevils in different parts of North America.The document can be downloaded in its entirety or by article. If you have ever wanted to learn more about root weevils, this is a great read.

European Pine Shoot Moth (EPSM)

Closeup of European pine shoot moth larva. Photo: Rosetta