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Original publication: 6/17/16
Last update: 7/18/17

Author: R.L. Rosetta, Extension Nursery Integrated Pest Management, Department of Horticulture, Oregon State University

Hoverfly adult (species undetermined)

Hoverfly adult (species undetermined)

Hover fly adult

Hover fly adult (species undetermined)

Dead head hoverfly, Myathropa florea (tentative ID)

Dead head hoverfly, Myathropa florea. Their larvae feed on bacteria in waterlogged detritus.

Eristalis arbustorum (tentative ID)

Eristalis arbustorum (tentative ID). Their larvae are aquatic, often in nutrient-rich standing water.

Hover fly adult

Larva of Scaeva sp.

Hoverfly adult possibly Eupeodes americanus adult (tentative ID)

Hoverfly adult possibly Eupeodes americanus adult (tentative ID)

Larva of hoverfly, Eupeodes americanus (tentative ID)

Larva of Eupeodes americanus feeding on cabbage aphid

Hover fly pupa

Hover fly pupa