Oregon Integrated Pest Management Center

The Oregon IPM Center promotes and supports integrated pest management (IPM) for Oregon and the Northwest region for agriculture and non-agricultural sectors. We collaborate with Oregon's university researchers, Extension agents, producers, and state and federal agencies protecting Oregon's natural resources. Our primary goal is to serve as a one-stop hub of information regarding IPM research and Extension activities in our region. We strive to foster communication, participation, and engagement among IPM researchers, practitioners and partners to achieve economically sustainable pest management while reducing risks to human health and the environment.


Learn about the Oregon IPM Center in our new video

Check out our new video produced by the College of Agricultural Sciences Communication team and the Oregon IPM Center!



Solve Pest Problems is now part of Oregon IPM Center 

Learn research-based, safe, and effective tactics for common garden and property pests and weeds. Solve provides non-chemical methods alongside the most effective and least toxic chemical options available, to reduce risk to people and the environment.

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Emerald ash borer detected in Oregon

On June 30, 2022, emerald ash borer, an exotic beetle that infests ash trees, was discovered in Forest Grove, Oregon, marking the first confirmation of the invasive pest on the West Coast. Learn how to identify the pest, ash trees, and where to make reports about damage. (Image: PDCNR)

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Oregon IPM Center launches their new YouTube Channel

Find all of our latest videos from IPM strategies for protecting pollinators to practical advice and success stories on conservation biological control and more, all on our newly redesigned YouTube Channel!

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Latest Announcements

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Other new Integrated Pest Management resources from the Oregon IPM Center and our partners:


  • USPest.org's PUSH scheduled notification service!
    • USPest.org introduces a free PUSH notification system for the online phenology and degree-day based models. This tool can be used to inform your IPM plan and help you to time your actions to the critical life stages of a pest. The tool currently contains over 140 models for insects, weeds, plant diseases and crops. Sign up now at USPest.org/push.
    • Check out the quick overview video here!