Oregon IPM Center

The Oregon IPM Center aims to achieve economically sustainable pest management for Oregon's agricultural industries with reduced risks to human health and the environment. Our tools and projects help farmers adapt to an increasingly uncertain world through high impact science and education partnerships. We also promote and support integrated pest management in non-agricultural sectors, such as urban and structural IPM, school IPM, and collaborations with Oregon's natural resource and infrastructure agencies. 

IPM from the ground up

Oregon IPM Center is based around four main program areas:

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3rd Annual IPM Summit - Feb 25, 2021

We had a great time at the 3rd Annual Oregon IPM Research and Extension Summit, presented by the Oregon IPM Center. The Research and Extension Summit at OSU is an opportunity to network and share knowledge about IPM through flash talks, workshops, and breakout sessions. Thanks so much to all of our attendees and guests. We'll post a final report and wrap-up soon! 

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Current Projects & Events

New! Report on Economic Impacts of Pests in Peppermint

This in-depth summary demonstrates economic impacts of pests and management practices in Oregon peppermint

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