IPM Tools for Professionals


Signature Programs for Professionals

Integrated pest management relies on a complex network of actions, people, and ideas. We strengthen this network by connecting research, tools, and information to the people in IPM that need them most.  Learn more about our signature programs and how we might help you achieve your pest management goals. 


Strategic Plans & Pest Loss Assessments

Find Strategic Plans and Pest Losses Impacts Assessments: industry-focused documents identifying the critical pest management needs and tools for agricultural partners.  Or search for documents related to your industry.



Pest Monitoring & Prediction

Make pest management decisions using our weather and climate driven decision tools.  Track pest populations in real time using our online monitoring and reporting platforms.


Pesticide Resistance Management

Learn best management practices to slow the development of resistance to pesticides.


Responding to Invasives

Learn more about IPM strategies for responding to invasive pests.


Biological Control & Pollinator Protection

Learn more about maintaining pest predators and protecting pollinators from the impacts of pesticides.


IPM Network Coordination

Participate in the EPA decision-making process on pesticide regulation.