Program Overview:

The OSU Agriculture & Natural Resource Program at EOU (OSU Ag & NR Program) is a cooperative partnership between Oregon State University and Eastern Oregon University. The OSU Ag & NR Program is designed to help serve the needs of the communities and entities of eastern Oregon and the Intermountain West.  

Educational programs are offered for those pursuing careers in: agriculture production and management; animal, plant and food systems; fisheries and wildlife conservation; range and natural resources management; and more. The faculty realizes the importance of individual aims and abilities and through course work, internships, advising, and extracurricular activities, tries to help each student discover and develop social, aesthetic, and ethical values as well as professional competence.

Undergraduate students may pursue one of the following majors:

In addition, the following minors are also available for both OSU majors and non-majors alike:

These minors are available to all EOU students. Students interested in pursuing a minor must first contact the advisor in the area of interest and meet the following requirements:

  • The minor must consist of a minimum of 27 designated credits of related course work, including 12-15 in upper division courses.
  • A minimum of 15 credits must be designated OSU courses.
  • An individual course may not count toward more than one minor.

All degrees are conferred by Oregon State University. Each student is considered an important individual. His or her study program is developed in personal consultation with an on-site OSU faculty adviser in the area of his or her major interest.

Transfer Students

Many of our students transfer from both 4-year universities and community colleges.  If you are interested in transferring, but would first like to know which of your previous courses meet our degree requirements please contact us to initiate a review of your courses.  Transfer students are highly encouraged to complete both College Algebra and English Composition prior to transferring into the OSU Ag & NR Program.  Transfer students must have a 2.25 GPA or greater to be accepted into OSU.  Students will apply to both Oregon State University and Eastern Oregon University.


Contact us at:

OSU Agriculture and Natural Resource Program

Badgley Hall 205
One University Blvd
La Grande, OR