Our Vision, Mission and Strategy

Our Strategic Plan

2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Our Vision

The Global Hemp Innovation Center at Oregon State University is the nation’s largest research center devoted to the study of hemp with more than 65 faculty representing 19 academic disciplines engaged in research, teaching, and extension services.

Our Mission and Strategy

The Global Hemp Innovation Center's mission is to advance Oregon’s leadership in crop production and post-harvest industries related to industrial hemp.

To accomplish this, the center will:

  • Build an internationally recognized research and development enterprise for industrial hemp;
  • Enhance our internationally recognized research and development enterprise for hops;
  • Catalyze innovative, cross-disciplinary research, development, and outreach relevant to agriculture, food, fiber, forage, fuel, beverage, sundries, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical products and markets;
  • Facilitate core research and development on hemp plant varieties;
  • Enhance partnerships between OSU and industries in Oregon to build mutual, long-term capacity;
  • Create a platform for collaboration and information exchange/partnering both within OSU as well as with other institutions, governments, and industries worldwide;
  • Expand the reach of all of the above through training and continued education by on-campus, Ecampus, and PACE instruction.
  • Build opportunities for University-wide collaboration across multiple colleges leveraging unique disciplines expertise such as public health, business, design, arts, and engineering
  • Expand the global reach of our knowledge and understanding to build public awareness.
  • Grow strategic collaboration across colleges and departments.