Electronic Mint Pest Alert Newsletter Regarding Control of Mint Root Borer, Cutworm Complex and Loopers (Year 3)

Series/Report Number: COARC2016
Chapter Number: 44

Abstract: An electronic newsletter was developed for the peppermint production regions in Oregon to assist growers and fieldmen consider control of mint root borers, cutworms, armyworms and loopers during the growing season prior to crop damage. Recommendations of optimal insecticide application timing were based on the insect development models, and were provided through weekly e-Newsletters in each region from mid-June until the end of July. Extension Agents from the Willamette Valley, Central Oregon, and Union County provided scouting services to confirm insect development model accuracy. A formal survey of those receiving the newsletter indicates that the newsletter was well received, provided information valuable to growers and crop consultants, and respondents would all like to see the newsletter continue.