Harnessing the Future of Hemp

OSU’s Global Hemp Innovation Center is home to the world’s leading experts in hemp research. The largest of its kind in the nation, it promises to advance the research of hemp and its market potential across multiple diverse industries and research fields to serve the growing international demand for innovative approaches to food, health, and fiber.

National Hemp Symposium | National Academies of Sciences

On February 9-10, 2021, on behalf of the National Academies of Sciences Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources (BANR), Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center (GHIC)  hosted our inaugural National Hemp Symposium. Follow the link below to see up-to-date information about future symposia.

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Prime Location

Oregon’s location on the 45th parallel is optimal for hemp growth. In fact, a unique hemp germplasm – the material used for breeding – was developed in the state over the past several decades. Oregon authorized hemp cultivation in 2009, but the Oregon Department of Agriculture didn’t license its first hemp grower until 2015. Just three years later, Oregon ranked 3rd in the United States in licensed hemp acres planted behind Montana and Colorado.

As of mid-May 2019, the state has licensed 1,342 growers to plant 46,219 acres this year, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture. That’s up from 7,808 acres in 2018. Nationally the number of licensed acres devoted to hemp cultivation increased by 204 percent from 2017 to 2018.

As the home to more than 220 agricultural commodities, Oregon farmers and producers have the diversity of innovation expertise to successfully navigate the future development of hemp. In fact, Oregon is projected to be number one in overall profitable production land for hemp, with 20% of all production acres registered as hemp. Further, the state legislature is sponsoring a bill (HB 2740) that would form a commission similar to the existing 23 commodity commissions in the state, to direct funding for hemp research. 

Oregon Hemp Field Day

The Global Hemp Innovation Center at Oregon State University hosted the first annual Oregon Hemp Field Day on September 23, 2020. Students, Extension and researchers from across Oregon presented highlights of their work thus far in the 2020 season. We provided a view of hemp being grown in the principal regions south to north, west to east.

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Leading Expertise

With the launch of the Global Hemp Innovation Center, OSU restores its original position as the nation’s premier hemp research institution. OSU was the site of the country's only hemp research center from the 1880s to the 1930s. We are the largest comprehensive hemp research center in the nation with 40 faculty across 19 disciplines conducting research in 10 locations across the state and four locations around the world in Asia and Europe. As the only hemp seed certifier in the state, and one of only four in the country, OSU is able to provide growers access to a source of certified seed for planting in the state. 

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Global Reach

OSU’s Hemp research spans the globe with partners in Europe and Asia. We’ve strategically cultivated these partnerships over the past several years in areas that are at the same latitude as Oregon with similar growing conditions and complementary research areas. Most recently, our leadership in hemp was recognized by the National Academies of Sciences which tapped OSU to host the first international hemp symposium as part of the Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources's 75th Anniversary celebration.

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Comprehensive Research

OSU’s hemp research includes the most diverse and comprehensive team of collaborative leaders in critical disciplines that touch hemp, with more than 40 faculty representing more than 19 disciplinary areas across the entire university invested in understanding hemp. Serving as a hub, the Global Hemp Innovation Center at OSU connects plant research, food innovation, pharmacy, public health, public policy, business, and engineering. 

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Upcoming Events


July 1 - August 5 National Hemp Research & Education Conference Virtual Conference via Zoom | Jay Noller speaker
July 7 Southern Oregon Hemp Growers Forum Virtual Conference via Zoom | Gordon Jones
July 10 (canceled due to COVID-19) International Hemp Conference China | GHIC co-host
August 4 Southern Oregon Hemp Growers Forum Virtual Conference via Zoom | Gordon Jones
August 10 American Society for Horticulture Science Virtual Conference | Jay Noller keynote speaker
August 11 - 12 Institute of Cannabis Research Conference Virtual Conference | Jeffrey Steiner keynote speaker
September 23 Oregon Hemp Field Day Virtual Conference via Zoom | GHIC hosted
October 6 Southern Oregon Hemp Growers Forum Virtual Conference via Zoom | Gordon Jones
October 7 - 8 Analytical Cannabis Expo East Virtual Conference | Jay Noller speaker
November 2 Southern Oregon Hemp Growers Forum Virtual Conference via Zoom | Gordon Jones | Jay Noller speaker
December 2 - 4 Hermiston Farm Fair Virtual Event | Hermiston Agricultural Research & Extension Center (HAREC)


January 13 National Center for Appropriate Technology Virtual Conference | Gordon Jones
February 9-10 National Hemp Symposium | National Academies of Sciences Virtual Conference | Hosted by GHIC
April 6 Southern Oregon Hemp Growers Forum Virtual Conference | Gordon Jones
May 4 US Hemp Builders Association Webinar | Jeffrey Steiner & John Simonsen
Mary 4 Southern Oregon Hemp Growers Forum Virtual Conference | Gordon Jones
June 1st Southern Oregon Hemp Growers Forum Virtual Conference | Gordon Jones

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