Welcome to the Integrated Plant Protection Center

Here you will find information about Oregon's Statewide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program, which aims to achieve economically sustainable pest management for Oregon's agricultural industries with reduced risks to human health and the environment. Our tools and projects help farmers adapt to an increasingly uncertain world through high impact science and education partnerships.

Weather-Based Decision Tools

First flights of pests can be predicted using well-researched patterns and models. The website linked below contains up-to-date models that use multiple types of weather forecasts, driven by hourly and daily weather data.

With these models, growers and other agricultural decision makers can better assess their past, current, and future situation to bring more precision to their pest management activities, reducing unnecessary treatments.


Click here for USPEST.ORG

Measuring our Impact


Our pest management plans inform policy recommendations, as well as research and education priorities to government agencies across the world.

Human Health

Pest management plans reduce pesticide health risks to farmers, consumers, and residents downstream.

Decision Making

Our data tools eliminate critical uncertainties, allowing growers to make more precise and adaptive decisions.


Agro-ecosystems with strategic pest management plans are more sustainable and resilient.

Projects by Place