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John Dusek earned his B.S in Horticulture and B.S in Sustainability online with Oregon State. His wife and daughter each awarded him one of his diplomas at a graduation celebration at the family’s greenhouse.

How an Oregon State Ecampus graduate is using his degrees in horticulture and sustainability to support and transform his community — one act at a time.

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Following a comprehensive search, Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences has named Dr. Lauren Gwin as its new Director of the Center for Small Farms and Community Food Systems (SFCFS).

Gwin joined Oregon State in...

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OSU CAS 2023 MarComm Platinum Winner

The campaign was designed entirely in-house by the Oregon State marketing team and ran in eight issues of Diversity in Action. Ads focused on the college's belief in the importance of advancing access to STEM fields for historically...

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fall leaves

Q: Last month I planted a brand-new flower bed with bulbs such as daffodils, Siberian squill, fritillary, anemone, crocus, etc. But I also seeded the bed with blue gilia, sea blush self-heal and buttercup. Now the flower bed is entirely covered...

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Wildfires in September 2020 burned a large swath of the Oregon Cascades. Photo courtesy Oregon State University.

Yuhan Wang, one of the study’s authors, said the team analyzed sales of privately held timberlands across Washington, Oregon, and California. Their goal was to quantify economic impacts of climate disasters, such as wildfires. They found values...

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Dr. Patty Skinkis. Photo credit: Lynn Ketchum

As growers experiment with new ideas, they rely on Oregon State University’s Extension Service for assistance.

African violets. Photo by Mary Stewart.

The choices go beyond traditional poinsettias and amaryllis. Colorful African violets, gloxinia, cyclamen, orchids, ornamental peppers and Christmas cactus are blooming and readily available. Dress them up with bows and cellophane or combine a...

Refugio Sanchez scoops potatoes at the head of a conveyor system that delivers tons of potatoes to waiting trucks at the Amstad storage facility in Hermiston, Oregon. Photo by Lynn Ketchum.

“The organic potato industry cannot depend on traditional chemical anti-sprouting treatments since synthetic chemicals are banned in certified organic,” said Valtcho Jeliazkov of OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences.

Becky McCluskey, a senior research assistant with the Oregon State University hazelnut program, with a Thompson hazelnut tree.  OSU

The cultivar is geared toward maximizing yield potential per acre, including in fruiting wall systems harvested with over-the top machinery currently used for blueberries, said Shawn Mehlenbacher, OSU’s hazelnut breeder.

Michael Hardigan, USDA research geneticist, said scientists are starting to genetically map important traits for berries. Cultivating firmness in blackberries and disease resistance in raspberries are top priorities.  Kyle Odegard/Capital Press

In 1973, a USDA research laboratory, designed to foster collaboration between federal scientists and Pacific Northwest universities, opened at Oregon State University. The USDA Agricultural Research Service Horticultural Crops Research Units in...

Dr. Jennifer Field

A professor in the Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Department at Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences, Dr. Field focuses her research on the quantitative analysis of organic micropollutants and their...

Everald McLennon

After serving the Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center (KBREC) for three years as a post-doc scholar, McLennon was recently named Assistant Professor.

With a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Nevada, McLennon...

Processing hops. Photo: Amanda Loman/Associated Press

Some researchers are working on varieties of hops that can better withstand summer heat, warmer winters, changing pests and diseases and less snowfall, which could mean less available irrigation, said Shaun Townsend, an associate professor and...

Thousands of students, scientists, and university leaders from all over the nation converged in Portland last week to equip, empower and energize the future of STEM at the National Diversity in STEM Conference (NDiSTEM).

NDiSTEM is...

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Brian Pearson

Following a comprehensive national search, Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences has named Dr. Brian Pearson as the new Director of the Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research and Extension Center (MCAREC)....

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golden raspberries

What are some of the foods that you should include into your diet? A one cup serving of red raspberries is very healthy, 64 calories, 8 grams of fiber, and 5 ½ grams of sugar. That’s a good balance.

Neil Shay | November 2023 | Read full story

Josephine Antwi

Josephine Antwi has joined Oregon State University (OSU) as the new irrigated crop entomology extension specialist at the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center (HAREC). She is familiar with the region and its pests after working...

Lloyd Nackley, examines the flower on the Hesperaloe 'Straight-Up Texas Red' in a climate-ready landscape plant trial at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center.

OSU Extension is participating in a multi-state, multi-university research team to determine the climate readiness of selected ornamental plants.

Lloyd Nackley | November 2023 | Read full story

plastic bottles smashed for recyling (Photo Credit: Lisa Risager/flickr)

One important aspect that scientists say must be included in the treaty is the simplification of chemicals in order to reduce the negative impacts they have on humans and other living organisms. "Thousands of chemicals are used...

Pollinators preferred native Clarkia amoena over its cultivars. Photo by Jen Hayes.

“Some groups are fervently anti-cultivar,” Jen Hayes said. “I don’t think that’s fair. I came into the study thinking that I preferred natives just because I had assumptions about the ecological benefits. There is intrinsic value to planting...

Jen Hayes | , Signe Danler | November 2023 | Read full story

Options to replace plastic packaging is the focus of research at Oregon State University where they are looking at recycling fruit waste from processing plants to do that.

Yanyun Zhao | November 2023 | Read full story

Image of beer product shots from Oregon State University Fermentation Science Pilot Brewery

“One of the strategies that we’re going to have to employ, I believe, is to have more barley, and more diverse barley, grown in more places,” says Patrick Hayes, professor of barley breeding and genetics at Oregon State University. 

Patrick Hayes | November 2023 | Read full story

Oregon State University-Cascades will host a science pub talk Nov. 14 on sharks and research at the Chapple Big Fish Lab at the university's Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.

Oregon State University undergraduate Vincent Vaughn-Uding selects a stink bug to record in the lab in May 2023. The bug's call will be utilized b a new pest control device dubbed the "Pied Piper."  Dan Evans / OPB

“It’s all about saving energy. The females must use as little energy as they can so that they can produce as many eggs and many offspring as they can,” says OSU entomologist Vaughn...

JC Boyle Dam on Klamath River

“The dam removals will likely go a long way towards restoring balance in the river,” said Sascha Hallett, a fish parasitologist at Oregon State University who has studied the river for two decades. “Certainly under certain circumstances there...

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Brad Johnson pointing to a sign he made

Brad Johnson is an OSU graduate, having studied landscape architecture in the class of 1981. The program found its home in Strand Hall, where he would eventually hang some of his finest work. The wooden signs found within Strand Hall, including...

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Wolf with a sea otter on Alaska's Katmai coast.

“This is really exciting documentation of behaviors we believe have never been directly observed by scientists,” said Ellen Dymit, a doctoral student at Oregon State. “It kind of forces us to reconsider the assumptions that underlie a lot of...

Ellen Dymit | October 2023 | Read full story

OSU professor Scott Lukas evaluates the current kiwiberry plants at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center in Aurora, Ore. Photo: OSU

Scott Lukas, Oregon State University associate professor, said some fruits grown in the Northwest have tight margins, and farms face international competition.

Scott Lukas | October 2023 | Read full story

Karl Ivanov, president of I & E Construction, shows Molalla High School Culture Club members how to prepare garden beds (Photo by Kelly Douglas)

Michelle Markesteyn said her research shows more than 20 positive impacts on participants, including improvements in behavior, cooperation, citizenship skills, cultural identity, skill mastery, responsibility, work ethic and general happiness...

Klamath River angling

Desiree Tullos, a professor of biological and ecological engineering, and Bryan Tilt, a professor of anthropology, will give the talk at 6 p.m. Nov. 1 at the Old World Deli in Corvallis. It can be viewed in person or online.


In early September I overseeded my lawn and had to keep it moist so the seed would germinate. It grew beautifully, however, now in mid-October it has started to thin a little so I checked it and the soil is a bit slimy and smells a little. If...

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unusual bulbs . Photo by Karen Zimmerman.

“You plant spring-flowering bulbs in fall, they grow over winter, flourish in spring and go dormant in summer,” said Heather Stoven, a horticulturist with the Oregon State University Extension Service. “Once they’re in the ground, they do quite...

Scott Jensen checks rangeland species composition as part of medusahead research. Photo provided by Scott Jensen.

Other authors included William Price and Sergio Arispe with Oregon State University (OSU) Extension, April Hulet with Brigham Young University, Chad Boyd and Kirk Davies with the USDA Agricultural Research Service Eastern Oregon Agricultural...

Aquatic plants seen floating on the Willamette River near Sellwood Bridge on Oct. 15, 2023. (Photo by Sheila Thompson/KOIN)

Professor Emeritus Stanley Gregory told KOIN 6 News that there are a few common types of floating aquatic plants, known as macrophytes, that occasionally wash into the main stem of the Willamette. These plants include azolla, duckweed and...

RancHER 2023

From women for women. All welcome!


October 31st, November 1st and 2nd 2023 at 4:00 pm PT

Art About Agriculture exhibition at Oregon State University's LaSells Stewart Center in 2023. Photo: Owen Premore.

Art About Agriculture’s annual exhibition of agriculture and natural resource-themed artwork by Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a touring show that will be on display from Nov...

Owen Premore | October 2023 | Read full story

Oregon Pollinator License Plate

OSU's Department of Horticulture's Pollinator Paradise license plates, the "bee plate" will be available starting on November 1, 2023. A $40 surcharge is due at first issuance of Pollinator Paradise plates, and every 2 years, for renewal. Minus...

Shayan Ghajar leads the OSU Department of Crop and Soil Science's efforts in delivering Extension programming in organic pastures and forages as well as conducting research in this area.

As climate change continues to stir up the weather in unprecedented ways, farmers in the Willamette Valley struggle to provide summer forage that will survive extreme conditions to feed their livestock. In a needs assessment survey, meetings...

Timothy Rager

Following a comprehensive national search, Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences has named Timothy Rager as its new Director of Information and Technology.

Rager brings...

Tim Rager | October 2023 | Read full story

Navneet Kaur (left), assistant professor and Extension entomologist, and Silvia Rondon, director of the Oregon IPM Center, are conducting research to identify chlorpyrifos alternatives for controlling pests in Oregon crops.

OSU Extension researchers are endeavoring to find an alternative to chlorpyrifos which was banned by the EPA in 2020.

Dynamic and changing Arctic Ocean conditions likely caused three major mortality events in the eastern North Pacific gray whale population since the 1980s, a new study has found. During each of these die-offs, including one that began in 2019 ...

Nick Andrews, organic vegetable extension specialist for OSU, discusses how to estimate plant-available nitrogen from cover crops on April 5, 2023, at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center, Aurora. Photo: George Plaven/Capital Press

Preliminary research regarding cover cropping as part of the Resilient Dryland Farming Alliance will be presented during the October Climate Conversation Program. Christina Hagerty, an associate professor of plant pathology at Oregon State...

Bagged applies help keep coddling moth at bay. Photo by Chris Branam.

Codling moth pressure, once thought to be well-managed with IPM and pheromone disruption, is increasing, said Chris Adams, Oregon State University entomologist and chair of the Northwest’s codling moth task force.

To pinpoint nanomaterials that show toxic effects in biological systems, researchers rely on the petite but powerful zebrafish.

Clematis armandii. Photo: OSU Extension

Q: Can you help me with my evergreen clematis? It was beautifully green when I planted it last spring but has continued to yellow. I’ve thought overwatering, but it doesn’t get any more water via drip than the rest of my landscape. I thought...

October 2023 | Read full story

Chris Mundt at a Hyslop Farm Field Day in Corvallis, OR.  Phtoto Mitch Lies

Chris Mundt started at OSU in 1985, and has spent 38 years working on disease resistance in wheat.

Maud Powell. Photo: Mateusz Perkowski, Capital Press

“You’re slowing the flow of water down as much as possible so the water stays on the land as long as possible,” said Maud Powell, a small farms specialist with Oregon State University Extension.

Staci Simonich speaking at the 2023 State of the College event

Dean Staci Simonich highlighted how OSU has the No. 2-ranked agricultural college in the United States by, $900,000 in available scholarships, 1,000 employees and a record $114 million in research funding.

October 2023 | Read full story

Researchers George Poinar Jr. and Fernando Vega discovered the Caradiophyodus saradae novel micro-wasp species in Burmese amber — featuring “cloudlike” antennae (Oregon State University/George Poinar Jr.)

Fossil researchers have discovered a novel genus and species of tiny wasp with a mysterious, bulbous structure at the end of each antenna. The female micro-wasp was described from 100-million-year-old Burmese amber in a study led by George...

A row of grapes is seen inside the quasi greenhouse at the Oregon Sate University's vineyard near Alpine Oregon. Photo: Andrew Selsky, Associated Press

The U.S. West Coast produces over 90% of America’s wine, but it’s also prone to wildfires — a combustible combination that spelled disaster in 2020 for the industry and one that scientists are scrambling to neutralize

A biomedical research program at Oregon State University has received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to modernize their lab. 

The Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory at OSU has received $7.5 million from the National...

Whale bones

Commercial whaling in the 20th century decimated populations of large whales but also appears to have had a lasting impact on the genetic diversity of today’s surviving whales, new research from Oregon State University shows.


begonias . Photo from Flickr, denisbin.

In spring garden centers stock a tempting variety of brightly colored tuberous begonias that are hard to resist. Gardeners have a tremendous choice of flower color in shades of orange, pink, yellow, white and bi-colored.

Nicole Sanchez | September 2023 | Read full story

Trout and a pile of money on fire
The research, led by William Jaeger from the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences, analyzed 50 years of data. It suggests that although the numbers of hatchery-reared salmon have risen, there is no indication of net growth in the wild, naturally...
William Jaeger | September 2023 | Read full story

Pinot noir grapes at Oregon State University's Woodhall Vineyard undergoing smoke experiments. Photo: Sean Nealon.

Researcher Cole Cerrato recently stood in Oregon State University’s vineyard, nestled below forested hills near the village of Alpine, as he turned on a fan to push smoke from a Weber grill through a dryer vent hose. The smoke emerged onto a...

This Jan. 19, 2020 photo shows microplastic debris that has washed up at Depoe Bay. (AP Photo/Andrew Selsky)

It’s a material world, and the soda bottles, coffee cup lids, take-out containers and clothes we wear are coming back to haunt us in fragmented form. Plastic pollution and their remnants, microplastics, are everywhere - beachfronts, riverbanks...

Susanne Brander | September 2023 | Read full story

Samuel Bell

Following an exhaustive internal search, Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences has named Dr. Samuel Bell as the Director of the Sustainability Program.

With a Ph.D. in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell...

Samuel Bell | September 2023 | Read full story

The project aims to make a complete ‘bee atlas,’ detailing every single local pollinator.

Lincoln Best | September 2023 | Read full story

Gray Whales

Research on whales, other marine mammals might help decide the location of offshore wind farms. Blue whales have made a comeback from the days of the late 1800s to the mid-1900s when whale hunting nearly annihilated the population. These days,...

Lisa Ballance | September 2023 | Read full story

Upper North Falls, Silver Falls State Park. Photo by Steve Dundas, OSU College of Agricultural Sciences.

The findings, published in Land Economics, counter a common news media refrain that geotagged posts on social media are “ruining the great outdoors,” said Steve Dundas and Ashley Lowe Mackenzie of OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences.

Fire damage in the city of Detroit, Oregon, and the Oregon Cascades can be seen in this aerial image. Photo courtesy Oregon State University.

Drawing on empirical studies, theoretical research and climate change policy models, Bill Jaeger also concludes that 30 years of international treaties addressing climate change, including most recently the Paris Agreement of 2015, are...

William Jaeger | September 2023 | Read full story

Taylor Chapple holding a shark

Oregon State University’s Science Pub event return in October to Corvallis focused on the secret lives of sharks. The talk will take place at 6 p.m. Oct. 4 at the Old World Deli. It can be attended in person or viewed online and is free.

OSU professor Markus Kleber, left, and graduate student Drew Childs collect soil samples from a crop field near Boardman, Ore., in March 2023. Photo: Cassandra Profita / OPB

New funding aims to help landowners sequester carbon in the soil of working farms and ranches.

zebra fish

The Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory, led by Distinguished Professor Robyn Tanguay, a molecular toxicologist in the College of Agricultural Sciences, exploits the unique advantages of zebrafish to protect and improve human and...

Robyn Tanguay | September 2023 | Read full story

Caitlin Bartlemay. Photo: KGW

​It may be a unique job, but Caitlin Bartlemay was destined to be a distiller. She's been breaking down barriers for 13 years.

September 2023 | Read full story

Oregon State University President Jayathi Murthy listens to Staci Simonich, dean of OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences, explain that the Malheur Experiment Station was the first to have its own taxing service district. Photo: Leslie Thompson

“I’ve been dying to meet all of you. You all do amazing work, which is absolutely what OSU is all about.” Oregon State University President Jayathi Murthy said this to attendees of an intimate gathering at the Malheur Experiment Station in...

Staci Simonich | September 2023 | Read full story

Oregon State University's College of Agricultural Sciences has had a banner year in research funding. Photo: Sean Nealon/OSU

The college’s research funding was up 30% over 2022, which also was an all-time record.

September 2023 | Read full story

Silhouette of a farm windmill. Photo by Betsy Hartley.

The Oregon Agristress Helpline – 833-897-2474 – is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by call or text. The voice line can be accessed in up to 160 languages with the help of interpreters, and the text line services English, Spanish and...

September 2023 | Read full story

Toxic Algae sign. Photo: Anna King / Northwest News Network

The toxins are hard to track as a mix of many organisms make them. Now, researchers at Oregon State University have developed a new way to monitor the danger associated with algae blooms that occur at the surface of the water. The researchers “...

September 2023 | Read full story

In no-till gardening, using a garden fork means less soil disturbance. Photo by Tom Gentle.

While the practice of no-till gardening is not new, information has traditionally centered on agricultural field crops. Now, home gardeners are catching on.

Erica Chernoh | September 2023 | Read full story

Honeybees have descended on these hummingbird feeders.OSU Extension Service

Q: A mass of honeybees overwhelmed three hummingbird feeders Friday and are still here on Saturday. They appear to be coming from a hive about 12 feet up in the cavity of an old oak tree. They’ve been up in the tree at least 10 years but I’ve...

A bison bull breaking aspen saplings and eating aspen in the Lamar Valley in northern Yellowstone National Park.

“I’ve studied the response of aspen in northern Yellowstone to the reduction in elk after the wolves were brought back and found that during this time, bison increased and have begun to affect aspen,” Luke Painter said. “Now we’re showing...

VIEW Fellow Jose Torres tracks bighorn sheep in Mojave. Credit: Leigh Combrink

As part of the fellowship, students work for 10 weeks at paid, mentored research programs. Each student is paired with a faculty mentor from the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences. Students have been involved in...

A toxic algae warning sign posted along the Oaks Bottom trail. Photo: Courtesy of Collin Oldham

Researchers at Oregon State University believe they've identified a scent-based way to measure the severity of cyanobacteria, which often causes blooms and affects many of the region's popular waterways.

August 2023 | Read full story

A male coho salmon.  Photo courtesy from the Bureau of Land Management

Decades of data show that despite billions in taxpayer investment, salmon and steelhead hatchery programs and restoration projects in the Columbia River Basin have failed to support or boost native fish populations and in fact are contributing...

Oregon State University is using the grant, which came from the US Department of Agriculture, to explore practices to improve soil health and crop outcomes, and will be working with farmers and several Native American tribes to that end.

Fiscal Year 2023 CAS Research Funding

The College of Agricultural Sciences received its highest ever amount of annual research funding in FY23, bringing in more than $114M. This us up over 30% from last year which was also an all-time record for college research funding...

August 2023 | Read full story

Dr. Marcia Walker

Following an exhaustive national search, Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences has named Dr. Marcia Walker as the director of the Food Innovation Center (FIC).

A 2003 PhD graduate from the College’...

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden hosts a roundtable at OSU on boosting the agriculture industry on Thursday, Aug. 17, 2023, in Corvallis. Photo: Hans Boyle, Gazette-Times

It's all part of the senator's "Oregon Bounty" tour exploring innovative ways to boost Oregon's food and beverage industry through conversations with stakeholders, and mirrors outreach efforts to support the state's semiconductor industry a few...

August 2023 | Read full story

Dr. Jamie DeWitt

Following an exhaustive national search, Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences has named Dr. Jamie DeWitt as the director of the Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC)....

grape smoke testing plot in a vineyard

"The wildfire smoke can severely impact wine quality,” Cody Copp, an Oregon State University assistant professor and horticulturist said. “And for a lot of vineyards and wineries it can make fruit unmarketable." 

Cody Copp | August 2023 | Read full story

Representatives from the Marine Mammal Institute share information at Eugene Emeralds game. Photo courtesy of MMI.

A minor-league baseball promotion rooted in a quirky bit of Oregon history will culminate this weekend in Eugene with a fundraising auction to benefit Oregon State University’s Marine Mammal Institute.

OSU Arboretum.  Photo: OSU

Oregon State University can now boast about its new arboretum status for the tree-filled campus after accreditation from ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program, an international organization that recognizes excellence in tree-focused gardens....

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Marie Tosa explores the intricate relationship between social behavior, disease transmission, and survival rules among bighorn sheep.

Marie Tosa | August 2023 | Read full story

Dr. James Sulikowski on Cavuto Coast to Coast, FOX Business.

Shark expert Dr. James Sulikowski joins ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast’ to discuss the surge of shark sightings and its impact on Northeast beaches.  

Image of a gray whale captured via drone off the coast of Oregon. Photo courtesy the Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Laboratory.

Both males and female gray whales in the subgroup known as the Pacific Coast Feeding Group are smaller than those in the larger group of Eastern North Pacific whales. The females average 3 feet (about 1 meter) shorter and males average 1.5 feet...

a new species of beetle from Burmese amber. Photo provided by George Poinar Jr., OSU College of Science.

“This new insect differs from a previous member of the genus described in Burmese amber by its small body size, weakly protruding eyes, long mandibles and narrow pronotum,” said Poinar, an international expert in using plant and animal life...

Olive Tree Branch - Photo Credit: Dave King

Hobby growers and professional producers are optimistic about the upcoming harvest in Oregon.

Jacob Mogler, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, raises sheep on 14 acres near Corvallis.  Photo Credit Amanda Loman

Teagan Moran, OSU Extension Small Farms coordinator in the Willamette Valley, had that goal in mind when she started the program. At the 2019 OSU Extension Small Farms Conference, there was a meeting for military veterans who were interested in...

Anytime pepper and tomato plants are at 95-plus temperatures, they are stressed.OSU Extension Service

I am wondering whether I will need to shade peppers and tomatoes this upcoming week of temps in the 90s. We have 30% shade cloth for the peppers and 50% shade cloth for the tomatoes. What temperatures would trigger the need to use those shades...

August 2023 | Read full story

Waves roll in at Gold Beach on the Oregon coast. Photo by Tiffany Woods, Oregon Sea Grant.

The hotter the water gets, less dense it becomes. On the surface there is a strip of warm water and in the depths, colder waters, which is known as stratification. “If you’ve ever swum in a lake in the summer, at the surface the water is warm...

A sump pumps excess water from a strawberry and hazelnut farm near Salem.  Courtesy of Berit Dinsdale

Berit Dinsdale, a postdoctoral scholar at Oregon State University, led the outreach. She interviewed 59 producers from across the state, asking what they are doing now to improve drought and heat resiliency and what additional support they...

Reseachers working with a Vale dairy have found that wildfire smoke cuts milk production by diary cows. (U.S. Department of Agriculture)

Researcher Juliana Ranches has been studying the impact of wildfires on cattle at Oregon State University for years. “When we think about wildfires, we think of the direct impact like losing your property and losing your animals,” she said. “...

Marek Stanton holding pollinator license plate

The Pollinator Paradise License Plate is available starting in November. For each one sold, $35 benefit OSU’s bee research programs.

August 2023 | Read full story

Camellia sasanqua 'White Doves'. Camellias need deep watering to develop flower buds for next spring.Dawn Meredith Peck

Timely advice on garden chores, fertilizing, pest control, and more from OSU Extension. These tips are not necessarily applicable to all areas of Oregon.

August 2023 | Read full story

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack speaks with Staci Simonich, dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University, following a panel discussion on wildfire resiliency in Portland. Photo: George Plaven/Capital Press

The Biden administration is investing another $250 million in grants for communities to bolster their defenses against increasingly large and destructive wildfires. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the funding during a panel discussion...

Led by William Jaeger of the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences, the study published today in PLOS One, analyzes 50 years of data that suggests while hatchery-reared salmon numbers have increased, there is no evidence of a net...

Juvenile Steelhead

Study finds no evidence of an increase in naturally spawning fish. Led by William Jaeger of the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences, the study published today in PLOS One, analyzes 50 years of data that suggests while hatchery-reared...