January 2010, Volume 1, Number 2

Sonny's Observations

Dinner table and water cooler conversations of late in Oregon relate to Measures 66 and 67 on the tax increases instituted by the 2009 legislative session. The tax increases helped partially mitigate the very significant impact of the economic downturn on education and other public services. Unfortunately, however, many - including some in the agricultural community - oppose any tax increase, without thinking of the public investments needed to ensure a strong and viable economy, including the (agricultural) economy, of our state.  (Read more...)


Iraq offers opportunities and challenges for U.S. colleges of agricultural sciences

After nearly 30 years of war and neglect, Iraq is preparing to rebuild its system of higher education. As part of that effort, Sonny Ramaswamy, dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University, toured Iraq with a delegation of leaders from seven land grant universities in the United States.

The trip was organized by the U.S. Department of Defense Task Force for Business and Stability Operations in Iraq to explore opportunities for collaboration in agricultural research and education, as well as to recruit high quality, fully funded students to U.S. land grant universities. (Read more...)

The Economy

OSU CAS is a leader in the public understanding of economic complexities AND in developing new economic opportunities for Oregon, the nation, and the world.

Economic study examines the context of Measures 66 and 67. A new study by Oregon State University economist William Jaeger, comparing Oregon's taxes with national averages, has found that taxes are lower in Oregon than in most states, and so are some public services... (Read more...)


One of the most visible contributions CAS and AG &NR Extension make to Oregon is the Oregon County and State Agricultural Estimates. Larry Burt (OSU Extension economist and AREc) publishes this comprehensive report every year. It is a thorough examination of Oregon’s agricultural economy, by county and commodity through time, and totals.
In the latest report, Burt reported that Oregon's farmers and ranchers grossed an estimated $4.9 billion in 2008 – the largest total in the state’s history and the sixth consecutive year of sales growth. (Read more...)


CAS research is helping build a diverse economy:

Farmers’ markets are a great success story for Oregon. By connecting consumers with farmers and developing best-practices guidelines, CAS economist have helped grow the number of markets statewide from 18 to over 100 in one generation.
- From Farmer to Consumer
- Farmers and consumers face-to-face in the marketplace.

onionInnovations in onion production at the Malheur Experiment Station have cut water and fertilizer use by half and produced crops of the very largest onions. (Read more...)
seedOregon grows the among the highest quality seeds in the world. With their genetic purity and germination rates established, and after a battery of other tests are performed by OSU Seed Laboratory, the seeds ship across the nation and the world in bags permanently stenciled with their certification: Oregon Certified Seed. There are no finer on Earth. (Read more...)
cherriesNorthwest sweet cherry production is trending upward, according to Lynn Long, an OSU Extension horticulturist who works with cherry growers in The Dalles area. The acreage has almost doubled in the past decade, with 300 to 400 trees per acre compared to 58 per acre just a few years ago, and a annual value of about $50 million. (Read more...)

CAS research and Extension help people understand other complex economics, from the local scale to the global scale:

Jeff Reimer (AREc) has published a study of 21 countries that found that richer nations with competitive crop production and few trade barriers would fare the best if climate change, weather events or other factors cause yields of grain and oilseed crops to become more volatile. (Read more...)


Larry Lev (AREc) discusses the benefits and costs of buying local food in a new documentary that examines and promotes the local food movement. Lev is one of a dozen producers and economists featured in the film "Ingredients," which played in several Oregon cities. The Corvallis screening was supported by the Wait and Lois Rising Lectureship Fund of the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences. (Read more...)

ethanolCAS scientists explore the economics of alternative energy, and state and national policies designed to jumpstart the development of renewable forms of energy. (Read more...)
Oregon Ag Progress

New curriculum for Food in Oregon

Here is a new curriculum to help teach high school students about food in Oregon. It explores the variety of food produced in Oregon as well as critical issues such as hunger, food safety and nutrition education.

The curriculum is based on articles in the Food Issue of Oregon's Agricultural Progress. It was developed by Emily Holden, who is an OSU agriculture education student and a future agriculture teacher.

It includes 21 activities including language arts, reading, science, and agriculture, all linked to statewide standards and downloadable as PDFs. (Read more...)


Carl Schreck discusses what fish can tell us about climate change.

Carl Schreck of the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife and Fish Research Unit explains research that is exploring the effects of climate change on fish. (Watch Video)

Food scientist puts pressure on

Oregon State University scientist J. Antonio Torres is under a lot of pressure these days. And he loves every minute of it.
Antonio’s research program on high pressure is focusing on using combinations of high-pressure and moderate to high-temperature processing of foods, with the goal of inactivating bacterial spores.   These spores (e.g., Clostridium perfringens) are associated with specific foodborne illnesses, and are not able to be killed by high pressure processing alone.  (Read more...)

OSU Transformations

President's Annual Report

In the current budget climate, preparing Oregon State University to build on its impressive record of accomplishments will take commitment, compassion and focus. And as we plan for the future, we should always keep in mind the examples of excellence in our midst. (Read Report)

Anneke Tucker

Anneke Tucker finishes up her exchange program at Texas A&M. Check in to see her impressions during Winter Quarter. (Read blog...)


OSU Dairy Student Workers

Kaci Sintek from KBVR reports on the student workforce at the OSU Dairy. (Watch Video)


Young farmer bucks aging trend

After graduating from college, many twenty-somethings don't always head straight into the career field they studied. They backpack across Central America, teach English in Japan, move back in with Mom and Dad, or make espresso until they find a job in their major. Not Nick Moxley. (Read more...)


Student Life

Campus is springing to life after the holiday break as students are refreshed and ready to begin their winter term classes. Winter term on the OSU campus is packed with exciting activities as students embark on internships and study abroad experiences. This is also the time when our students should be filling out scholarship applications and attending university career fairs and workshops. (Read more...)


A Letter Changed Her World

When the Gates Foundation letter arrived, Laura Magaña was facing a challenge tougher than any of her advanced-placement classes: managing five lively pre-teens at the 4-H Latino Olympic Summer Camp in Salem. (Read more...)

Faculty and Staff

Daeschel is Local Food Gatekeeper

If you've ever thought about taking your secret recipe and trying to manufacture and sell it in stores, there's a scientist in Oregon it has to go through first. (Read more...)


Bringing Food Chemistry to Life

Andrew Ross writes a fascinating blog about food and its components. (Read more...)


Peter McEvoy to serve as Entomology Program Coordinator

Dean Ramaswamy announced on December 1 that Dr. Peter McEvoy will serve as Entomology Program Coordinator.

Entomology Program


OSU Faculty Senate supports furlough program with overwhelming vote

By a margin of 86-17, the Oregon State University Faculty Senate voted Thursday to support a furlough program for faculty that will help OSU cope with millions of dollars in budget cuts brought on by the national economic downturn and subsequent reductions this year in state funding. (Read more...)


L.L. Stewart Faculty Development Award

The L.L. Stewart Faculty Development Award provides individual faculty members with grants of up to $2,200 for professional development activities that have a clear connection to the enhancement of teaching and student learning at OSU. In addition, up to two grants for $4,400 may also be considered for exceptionally compelling and well-written proposals. Academic advising-related proposals are welcome. Applications are due Monday, February 1, 2010.

View Application and guidelines

Food scientist puts pressure on

Oregon State University scientist J. Antonio Torres is under a lot of pressure these days. And he loves every minute of it.
Antonio’s research program on high pressure is focusing on using combinations of high-pressure and moderate to high-temperature processing of foods, with the goal of inactivating bacterial spores.   These spores (e.g., Clostridium perfringens) are associated with specific foodborne illnesses, and are not able to be killed by high pressure processing alone.  (Read more...)

Alumni and Friends


Several units of the College of Agricultural Sciences have joined the social media revolution and have Facebook pages! Here is a sampling... (Read more...)



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Some of you know what I am up to but I wanted to update the ones who think I fell off the side of the earth. Also, the company I work for just finished an awesome project I wanted you to check out! (Read more...)

Ambassador Challenge from Todd Bastian

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Awards and Honors

Ms. Jeehye Lee, OSU BS-BioResource Research Interdisciplinary Program graduate selected as Gilman International Representative.

The Source: OSU alum and previous CAS ambassador selected as Gilman International represThe Gilman International Scholarship Program recently accepted applications from Gilman Alumni interested in serving as Gilman Alumni Representatives. These Gilman Alumni Representatives are a diverse group of Gilman Scholarship recipients who have studied abroad in various countries around the world and will serve as representatives of the program providing presentations and promotional outreach to university and college campuses around the nation to students and advisors interested in learning more about the Gilman Scholarship. (Read more...)

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All application materials for scholarships for the 2010–11 academic year must be received by February 1, 2010. (Read more...)


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