The Research Proposal

During the first term that you are enrolled in research credits, complete a 2-3 page proposal that briefly and succinctly outlines your proposed research, containing:

  • Introduction, leading to Problem Statement or Needs Assessment,
  • Research Objectives,
  • Methods,
  • Expected Outcomes and Impact
  • References (minimum 3-5 publications, properly formatted)

To do this, you should have planning meetings with your mentor. Your mentor will explain the project that s/he has in mind for you, or help you develop your own ideas for a project. Ask your mentor for background material to read such as research papers and grant proposals. Ask a librarian for assistance in looking for references on your research topic. You can contact a librarian by telephone or e-mail to set up an appointment, or email a brief project description to the BRR librarian, Hannah Rempel, at, or call (541)737-9902. Or, use the list of specialized librarians by department/program, available at:

Submit a draft of your proposal to your mentor for suggestions and approval. When you are both satisfied with it, your mentor and secondary mentor must initial it and you must turn in a copy to the BRR office for your files.

This proposal must be completed during the first term that you sign up for research (BRR 401) credits. This writing assignment partially fulfills the WIC requirements for BRR majors.


Dan Arp

College of Agricultural Sciences Dean Dan Arp at the Pendleton Roundup