1994 Charles E. Stanger Crop and Soil Science/Malheur Experiment Station
1995 Richard W. Smiley Botany and Plant Pathology/CBARC
1996 Bernadine Strik Horticulture
1997 David Sugar Botany and Plant Pathology/SOREC
1998 Robert Spotts Botany and Plant Pathology/MCAREC.
2003 Clint Shock Crop and Soil Science/Malheur Experiment Station
2004 Michael Morrissey COMES
2006 Christopher Langdon COMES
2007 Patricia Kennedy Fisheries and Wildlife
2009 Jae Park


2010 Clive Kaiser Horticulture
2012 Jonathan Velez Agricultural Education and General Agriculture
2013 Jessica Miller Fisheries and Wildlife
2014 Shawn Mehlenbacher Horticulture
2015 Gil Sylvia Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station
2016 David Bohnert Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center
2017 Lauren Gwin Department of Crop and Soil Science