Award Winners Registry: Roy G. Arnold/Agricultural Research Foundation Leadership Award

2007 Dan Edge Fisheries and Wildlife 
2008 Russ Karow Crop and Soil Science
2010 Anita Azarenko Horticulture
2011 Bruce Mate Fisheries and Wildlife, Hatfield Marine Science Center
2012 Phil Hamm Botany and Plant Pathology, Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center
2013 Michael Banks Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station
2014 Susan Capalbo Applied Economics
2015 David Williams Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
2016 John Bolte Biological and Ecological Engineering
2017 Selina Heppell Fisheries and Wildlife
2018 Robyn Tanguay Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
2019-2020 David Bohnert Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center, Animal and Rangeland Sciences
2021 Christina DeWitt Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station/Food Science and Technology
2022 Bill Braunworth Horticulture
2023 Joey Spatafora Botany and Plant Pathology
2024 Lisbeth Goddik Food Science and Technology