To recognize outstanding advising and counseling of undergraduate students in the College of Agricultural Sciences.


The recipient will receive $1,000 and a plaque. Announcement of the award recipient will be made at the College of Agricultural Sciences' Faculty and Staff Luncheon.


The nominee must be a faculty member or classified staff in the College of Agricultural Sciences who is actively involved in advising and counseling undergraduate students.


  1. Personal interest in students.
  2. Availability to student (ease of contact).
  3. Knowledge of graduation requirements and academic regulations and procedures.
  4. Reliability of advice given.
  5. Attitude toward advising responsibilities.
  6. Willingness to confront advisee's personal concerns.
  7. Attitude toward finding and strengthening advisee's interests and concerns.
  8. Willingness to address student's long-range goals and objectives, and assist in placement of temporary and/or long-range employment opportunities.


  1. NEW* - Nominations must include a one-paragraph summary of the awardee’s biography, specific to this award. This paragraph will be used as a script to be read by the Presenter during the awards ceremony and should be 250 words, maximum.
  2. Nominations should be coordinated through a department or administrative unit and submitted to the Office of the Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences.
  3. A nomination packet may be resubmitted a second time with the previous year's letters of support. A new summary of accomplishments, resume, and role summary must be prepared.
  4. Supporting documents should include:
    • A summary of no more than two pages of the advising and counseling accomplishments at Oregon State University.
    • A professional resume including position description, FTE assignment, and evidence of successful program.
    • Summary of method or role the nominee plays in the advising and counseling in their administrative unit.
    • No more than five supporting letters, including letters from both current and former advisees and colleagues.

The award recipient will be selected by the College of Agricultural Sciences Awards Committee composed of faculty and staff.


The cash award is provided by the Agricultural Research Foundation.

Registry of Award Winners