Awards Winners Registry: F. E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Research

1994 Steven J. Knapp Crop and Soil Science
1995 Daniel J. Arp Botany and Plant Pathology
1996 David Williams Food Science and Technology
1997 Neil E. Forsberg Animal Sciences
1998 Patrick Hayes Crop and Soil Sciences
1999 Richard Miller Rangeland Resources
2000 Valerian Dolja Botany and Plant Pathology
2001 Christopher Mundt Botany and Plant Pathology
2002 Ken Johnson Botany and Plant Pathology
2003 Stan Gregory Fisheries and Wildlife
2004 Thomas Wolpert Botany and Plant Pathology
2005 George Rohrmann Microbiology
2006 Robert Anthony Fisheries and Wildlife
2007 Jerri Bartholomew Microbiology
2008 Junjie Wu Agricultural and Resource Economics Department
2009 Shawn Mehlenbacher Horticulture
2010 Lynda Ciuffetti Botany and Plant Pathology
2011 Scott Baker Fisheries and Wildlife/Marine Mammal Institute
2012 Dan Roby Fisheries and Wildlife
2013 Carl Schreck Fisheries and Wildlife
2014 Michael Behrenfeld Botany and Plant Pathology
2015 John Antle Applied Economics
2016 Reinaldo Cooke Animal and Rangeland Sciences/EOARC Burns
2017 Christian Hagen Fisheries and Wildlife
2018 Christian Langpap Department of Applied Economics
2019-2020 Jennifer Field Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
2021 Jeffrey Chang Botany and Plant Pathology
2022 Chad Higgins Biological and Ecological Engineering
2023 Hong Liu Biological and Ecological Engineering
2024 James Myers Horticulture