1994 Ogden E. Kellogg Southern Oregon Experiment Station
  Jill Murray Lane County Extension
1995 Robert Correa Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center
  Alyce M. Walberg College of Agricultural Sciences Business Office
1996 Anita Brown Food Science and Technology
  Dianne Simpson Botany and Plant Pathology
1997 Erling Jacobsen Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center
  Robert Williams Animal Sciences
1998 Karen Morrow Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center
  Blaine Baker Botany and Plant Pathology
1999 Rob L. Chitwood Fisheries and Wildlife
  Noreen Rogers Environmental/Molecular Toxicology
2000 Nancy Chamberlain OSU Seafood Laboratory
  Deborah Kean Horticulture
2001 Audrey Hubbard Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research and Extension Center
  Lee Ann Julson Horticulture
2002 Nora Ross Animal Sciences
  Randall Hopson Horticulture
2003 Edith Birky Botany and Plant Pathology
  William (Dale) Brown Crop and Soil Science
2004 Peggy Mullett Crop and Soil Science
2004 Paul Thorgersen CBARC
2005 Sally Duckwall MCAREC
2005 Gabrielle Thompson Animal Sciences
2006 Helen Chesbrough Animal Sciences
2006 Tracy Mitzel Crop and Soil Science
2007 Marianne Ledoux Agricultural and Resource Economics
2007 Tricia Maynard Agricultural and Resource Economics
2008 Karen Zimmermann Extension and Experiment Station Communications Department

Barb Reed

  Jane Toliver F&W
2010 Scott Austed F&W
  Connie Davis Rangeland Ecology and Management
  Jewel Haskins Klamath Experiment Station
  Kathy Minta Marine Mammal Institute
2011 Debby Yacas Food Science and Technology

Peggy Carr

Hermiston Experiment Station

Linda Dunn

Food Science & Technology
2013 Linda Samsel Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center
  Linda Hoyser Food Science & Technology
2014 Leighann Auer Fisheries and Wildlife
  Jeff Clawson Food Science and Technology
2015 Kellie Strawn Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences
  Jeff Wiseman Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station
2016 Liz Etherington CAS Sponsored Research Program Administrator
  Ann Leen Department of Fisheries & Wildlife
  Dodi Reesman Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences
  Tim Weinke Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center
2017 Aaron Moffett Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
  Petrina White Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center, Burns