College of Agricultural Sciences Classified Employee and Professional Faculty Award


To recognize outstanding and exceptional service by classified employees and professional faculty within the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University.


Up to four recipients will be selected. Recipients will receive a cash award of $1,000 and a commemorative award. These awards have been made possible by the personal donations of College of Agricultural Sciences administrators. Administrators felt that recognition should be given to those CAS employees who make our programs and efforts successful.


The nominees must be a member of the classified staff or professional faculty within the College of Agricultural Sciences. At the time of nomination, the nominees must have a minimum of three years of service within the College of Agricultural Sciences.


Evaluations will be based on the following criteria. Applicable examples should be given in each of the areas below to support nominations:

  • Job performance as it exceeds normal expectations.
  • Innovativeness.
  • Willingness to accept new and/or extra activities.
  • Evidence of favorable peer respect.
  • Evidence of continued professional growth.
  • University-related outside activities.


In addition to the base nomination materials required for all awards, nomination packets must also include:

  1. Position description.
  2. A resume of professional activities and other relevant information.


This award is sponsored through gifts from administrators in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Registry of Award Winners