Faculty and Staff Awards

Faculty and staff awards will be presented at the annual College of Agricultural Sciences' Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony. The faculty and staff awards include many cash awards and are made possible only through the generosity of friends of the College. Please give careful consideration to your staff, colleagues (including faculty and staff in the county offices and the research and extension centers), and state leaders who deserve recognition through these awards, as you take steps to initiate nominations where appropriate. This is our opportunity to recognize those who are deserving.



Faculty & Staff Awards Luncheon


Formal announcement of the award recipients will be made at the College of Agricultural Sciences' Faculty and Staff Luncheon, where presentation of any commemorative and monetary awards will occur.

The 2024 awards event will be held on May 29th at 12:00 PM in the Memorial Union Ballroom. 


Please direct questions to the CAS Dean's Office.





The below information applies to all of the awards for this event. Award-specific guidance can be found on each award's web page (located in the below table).

Nominations should be coordinated through the respective department of the administrative unit. A nomination packet may be resubmitted for up to two years with the previously submitted letters of support, though other nomination materials should be updated as needed.

Complete nomination packets (one PDF document) should be emailed to CAS-Deans.Approval@oregonstate.edu by 5:00 pm on the nomination deadline (TBD). Corrections or updates to nomination packets will not be accepted after the nomination deadline. This packet should include:

  1. A one-paragraph summary of the awardee’s biography, specific to the award. This paragraph will be used as a script to be read by the Presenter during the awards ceremony and should be 250 words, maximum.
  2. A letter of nomination consisting of no more than two single-spaced pages, summarizing the major contributions of the nominee.
  3. Three supporting letters.
  4. Award-specific nomination materials, including any additional requirements for the above.


CAS promotes the diversity, equity and inclusion necessary to achieve the College’s teaching, research and Extension goals. The nomination letter and other nomination materials as applicable should document the nominee's commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion.



The Dean, Associate Deans, Chief Operating Officer, and all other Agricultural Sciences administration personnel are not eligible to receive an award or to participate in the nomination of an employee for an award. Programs may be nominated for applicable awards independent of any participating Agricultural Sciences administration personnel.



The award winners will be selected by the College of Agricultural Sciences' Awards Committee comprised of faculty, professional faculty, and classified staff.



Award Registry
Agricultural Research Foundation Distinguished Faculty Award Recipients
Agricultural Research Foundation Faculty Research Assistant Award Recipients
Briskey Award for Faculty Excellence Recipients
College of Agricultural Sciences Award for Excellence in Extension Education Recipients
College of Agricultural Sciences Classified Employee and Professional Faculty Award Recipients
College of Agricultural Sciences Diversity Commitment Award Recipients
F.E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Research Recipients
F.E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Student Advising and Counseling Recipients
The James and Mildred Oldfield/E.R. Jackman Team Award Recipients
R. M. Wade Award for Excellence in Teaching/Registry of Distinguished Teachers Recipients: R. M. Wade  Distinguished Teachers 
Roy G. Arnold/Agricultural Research Foundation Leadership Award Recipients
Savery Outstanding Young Faculty Award Recipients
College of Agricultural Sciences Distinguished Career Award Recipients
NEW! College of Agricultural Sciences Faculty Innovator Award  


Registry of Award Winners


Information about additional University-wide Faculty Awards can be found on this site.